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We offer our customers the opportunity to create their own individual style with a truly one-off hand crafted garment that will detail your every requirement. The styling and choice of fabric is up to you down to the very last detail. The finished result is a unique and elegant suit that will leave a lasting impression.

Our aim is to provide a professional yet personal service to our customers which involves an appointment arranged by yourself to suit your busy lifestyle and daily routine. We are happy to travel to your home or workplace for your comfort and convenience.

Enjoy the process of consulting with our experienced staff to choose the cloth pattern, texture, and weight from a wide range of luxury fabrics including wool and cashmere, cotton, corduroy, Scottish and Irish tweeds, just to name a few.

We are also able to accommodate requests for attire to be made specifically for gentlemen’s clubs and traditional sporting events.

We are proud to inform you that we are not sales people and are in fact tailors. Due to this being a dying art we believe that our service is a truly exceptional and unparalleled practice.

Please be aware that every bespoke garment is completely handmade by us in our own workroom, and nothing is sent to be made overseas, which seems to be the common practice for most ‘bespoke tailors’ nowadays. To learn how other companies can mislead you into believing your garments are true bespoke please read this artice.

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Contact us now: Office: 01244 544778 Mobile: 07503001357 Email: m.morris@distinctiontailoring.co.uk

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