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Sammy Lee of Liverpool Football Club Orders a Bespoke Suit

Rafa Benitez Manager Of Liverpool Football Club Getting Measured Ready for a Bespoke Suit

Phil Taylor International Darts Champion Getting Measured

Tailor Made to your Specification

Measurements & Materials Are Passed To Our Master Tailor Who Will Cut The Cloth Accordingly

Suit then Gets Ready for the First Fitting.

All Bespoke Suits are Inspected in Store Before the First & Second Fitting

Bespoke Suits are carefully made in our own factory

All Bespoke Solutions are inspected in store before fitting.

There is nothing quite like dressing in bespoke. The pleasure of owning a piece of supreme craftsmanship and the understated confidence you gain from knowing that there is no one better dressed then yourself.

The concept is simple. You tell us what you want and we create it. There are no limitations as to what we can produce. We work alongside our clients and listen carefully to their needs. Our luxury materials and expert knowledge combined with your imagination are the key aspects in producing your perfect custom made suit.

A fully bespoke suit requires around eighty hours of precise and methodical handwork.

The process begins by our experienced tailor taking all the necessary measurements from you in order to produce your first fitting. During this first consultation we will discuss in depth the key features and aspects that you require your custom made garment to have. This involves selecting your preferred cloth pattern, weight and texture, plus any special details such as contrasting linings or real working cuffs.

Once these details have been agreed, they are then passed to our master tailor who will cut the cloth accordingly and assemble together with basting. This forms the outer shell of the suit which you are required to try on in order for our tailor to make any minor adjustments or modifications (your first fitting).

The suit will then be returned to our workroom to be canvassed, lined, and have the button holes added which will make the suit ready for the second fitting. This stage of the process really gives you a feel of what to expect of your finished garment. We will also check the shape, balance and fit of your suit and finalise any personal specifications. It is then returned to our workroom to be prepared for your final fitting.

The end result is a hand crafted masterpiece, designed by you, which we can both be proud of.

Remember, our reputation relies heavily on your satisfaction; therefore your suit will not be complete until you are more then happy with your finished article.

The turnaround time for a full bespoke suit is approximately 7-8 weeks. However, if you require your garment to be made sooner we can tailor your suit to a straight finish using your exact measurements, thus reducing your waiting time to approximately 4 weeks.

Prices start from 750 for a 2 piece full bespoke suit.

Contact us now: Office: 01244 544778 Mobile: 07503001357 Email: m.morris@distinctiontailoring.co.uk

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